In it for the money, but…

It’s no secret that companies love to show off their sustainability and CSR efforts. Particularly in this day and age. Well done to them, or rather: finally! Because what they’re doing today, is what we were doing yesterday. And the day before. Make that always.
Money makes the world go round, and the same goes for the translation world, no need to deny that. But at Blue Lines, some of that money goes straight to good causes. We translate for several NGOs at cost price and we support others financially.
Still, we’ve taken our CSR commitment a step further. A donation or a discount is just too easy. Since the very beginning Blue Lines has been doing so much more:

  • With every purchase and investment, the price tag is not our main or only concern. How eco-friendly and sustainable is the product? Does the supplier share our CSR values? That’s what truly makes the difference.
  • Our new offices will be virtually 100% carbon neutral. Now we’re talking!
  • When choosing a company car, low emissions prevail over engine power. But really and truly, we prefer hopping on the train, tram, bus or bicycle and do so whenever we can.

At Blue Lines sustainability and CSR are more than empty promises and insincere commitments. We really care, down to the coffee we drink – fair-trade of course. It keeps us going all night. An absolute must with those texts of yours.