What we do


We do better. That was our goal back in 2003 and it hasn’t changed in all these years. In fact, we strive to do even better. Much better. That’s right, we have very high standards. And rightly so. Because modesty is the fastest way to mediocrity – a word that doesn’t figure in our dictionary. Have a look at our portfolio and you’ll agree - it pays to set high standards!




No one does it better, they say. This sound reputation didn’t just fall from the skies. We work only with carefully selected native speakers (check!) and have every translation proofread by a second native speaker (double check!). The proofreader compares the translation with the source text, verifies whether everything has been translated correctly, checks for spelling and grammatical errors and, if necessary, refines the style. The result? A translation that won’t leave you feeling blue, in true Blue Lines style!

You ask, we translate: into all EU languages (thanks to years of experience working for the European institutions) and other major languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean and Arabic.




A happy client asked us whether we could write copy as well. You bet we can! Copywriters and content agencies know our reputation for quality and come knocking on our door to have their masterpieces translated. We make sure they sound great in any language, and stand out head and shoulders above the rest.

And since we’d rather be a business partner than a supplier, we’re glad to refer our clients to the very best copywriters or content agencies. You know, the ones everyone’s talking about on social media. But if you prefer, we’d happily be your one-stop-shop.





When you say translator, you think interpreter. So yes, interpreting is also part of the package. Whether it’s for a business meeting or a four-day conference, we’re here to help you in various languages. And our rule of thumb applies once again: only the best interpreters are good enough for Blue Lines. Because only the very best is good enough for you.




Day in, day out we translate articles by the best bloggers from across the globe, people with an impressive reach, of whom – let’s be honest – we’re a little envious. One of those heavyweights could even start blogging for your company soon. So don’t be shy, contact us and we’ll do the rest!


Wait, there’s more!


Conversation, content & community management? We don’t like to brag, but we work for the crème de la crème of the digital landscape and social media runs through our veins, along with fair-trade coffee. We’ve got lots of great people on our books who can help you put your company on the digital map. Our network is your network – or something like that, anyway.


Behind the scenes with Sofie, Stef and… schnitzels


Sofie De Spiegeleer picked up the tricks of the trade at several translation agencies before setting up shop as an independent translator in 2003.


When one of Belgium’s largest communication agencies asked her to translate a text for the European Commission, Sofie was over the moon. And so was the client, who asked her to translate the documents into French and German too.


Since Sofie’s knowledge of German is basically limited to guten tag, schnapps and schnitzel, and her French is a little rough around the edges – a bit like those macaroons she loves to gobble down – she set out to look for competent native speakers.


What a good move that was. Fast-forward a few months and Blue Lines was translating into the ten official languages of the then European Union. With every enlargement Blue Lines was ready on the front line with a new set of native speakers. Today there are 23 official EU languages and Blue Lines has become a preferred partner for each and every one of them. We’ve worked day and night to get where we are now, courtesy of litres of fair-trade coffee!


The result: explosive growth! Since 2005 Stef Van De Gehuchte has been in charge of managing that development. Together with Sofie he is also responsible for the daily management of Blue Lines.


But there’s more. Blue Lines remains ambitious and continues to join forces with you, its client, to develop – well – probably the best client-agency partnership in the world.



Sofie De Spiegeleer is a translator and a mum. She loves Matti, sewing, her daughters Mien and Kika, reading and yoga. Not necessarily in that order. Once tried to surf, but those waves actually just scared her. Decided to jog instead. She’s the perfectionist at Blue Lines, who ensures everything runs smoothly. 


Stef Van De Gehuchte is a translator (well, that’s what his degree says anyway) and a dad. Loves his daughter Federica, surfing, books, food & wine and design. To-the-point and friendly; sometimes has a big mouth. “Make that always!” says Sofie. Takes care of strategy, sales and marketing. The ‘boss’ at Blue Lines, so to speak.



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